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The Little
Baby Sanctuary

Where baby comes first....


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At the start of your parenting journey, we offer relaxed baby-led classes in carefully chosen venues where you can meet & chat with other parents.

We offer baby massage & baby yoga courses for you to enjoy with your little one. Build confidence as a new parent & learn some invaluable techniques to support you both in those early days, weeks & months. 

We have baby massage & baby yoga courses in Belper, Darley Abbey, Derby & Ripley.


Baby Massage

Support at Your Fingertips

Using baby's first language to relieve, soothe & calm many of those early concerns. A trusted & ancient tradition spanning thousands of years. In many cultures the art of baby massage is passed down from generation to generation, providing benefits for both baby & parents.

The importance of loving, nurturing contact between caregiver & baby has been shown through many clinical trials. The evidence of how important

touch is to baby's development is overwhelming.

The Little Baby Sanctuary gives you peace of mind using accredited baby massage techniques approved by the Royal College of Midwives, which are recommended by Doctors & Health Visitors. 

These classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks of age to crawling. 


Baby Yoga

A centuries old tradition providing significant benefits to both parent & baby, which are widely endorsed by medical practitioners worldwide. Baby yoga builds baby's mental & physical developmental milestones. A perfect way to support & improve baby's well-being, strength, co-ordination & language.

The Little Baby Sanctuary teaches baby yoga based on the widely practised Hatha yoga, the balance of body & mind. A gentle yoga which incorporates gentle, soft stretches focusing on physical & mental benefits, perfect for baby yoga. Our baby-led yoga classes are aimed at baby, but there are gentle moves for parents & some mindfulness too!

Our baby yoga classes are suitable for babies from 10 weeks of age to crawling.

Exercising with Baby

Introducing Tummy Time

Tummy time is the period of time baby spends awake on their tummy & was introduced following the back to sleep campaign (developed to reduce the incidence of SIDS). We include tummy time in our baby massage & baby yoga classes to support.

  • Tummy time is crucial for baby's visual, sensory & motor development.

  • Tummy time is important for developing & strengthening the muscles baby will need to roll, sit up, crawl, stand & walk.

  • Supports babies with Torticollis. Some new-borns may have tight neck muscles, which keep them from being able to turn their heads.

  • Supports babies with Positional Plagiocephaly (flathead syndrome). This is caused by babies spending too much time on their backs in those early months. This can cause a flat spot on one side of the head or the back of the head.

Image by Jean Carlos Pichardo

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