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*We are now able to run face to face courses through tiers1-3, when permitted by our venues.

Please be aware that when booking courses we may have to move to online classes or offer alternative dates as written in our booking terms & conditions.

We take the safety of our families very seriously & ask that you follow advice from a reliable source:

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At the start of your parenting journey, we offer a relaxed, informal setting creating a life-long bond with your little one, whilst learning invaluable techniques to support you both in those early days, weeks & months. 

All of our techniques are midwifery approved, giving you peace of mind that you are providing something positive for your baby.

We have courses in Belper, Chellaston, Derby, Matlock & Ripley.

Introducing Baby Massage

Support at Your Fingertips

Using baby's first language to relieve, soothe & calm many of those early concerns. A trusted & ancient tradition spanning thousands of years. In many cultures the art of baby massage is passed down from generation to generation, providing benefits for both baby & parents.

The importance of loving, nurturing contact between caregiver & baby has been shown through many clinical trials. The evidence of how important touch is to baby's development is overwhelming.

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