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Baby Yoga

Why The Little Baby Sanctuary?


Midwifery approved techniques.


Fully Insured to practise & teach baby massage.


Learn baby massage & yoga with a qualified,  professional, friendly, supportive instructor.


Qualified NNEB, Nursery Nurse.


Fully trained in Postnatal Depression Awareness.

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Bottle & breastfeeding friendly & inclusive venues. 


We only use 100% organic cold-pressed sunflower oil on baby's delicate skin.

Pay per family & not per baby. Multiple births welcome.

Little Yogis

Our baby yoga is based on Hatha yoga which works on the balance of the body & mind. Yoga supports & enhances baby's development both physically & mentally through nurturing touch.

The Little Baby Sanctuary yoga classes offer multi-sensory stimulation through carefully developed movements. Our flowing postures, gentle holds & rhythmic movements have a positive effect on both baby & caregiver. Making yoga a fun, appropriate & rewarding experience.

The feel-good classes involve lively, fun parent & baby interaction, promoting & deepening that special lifelong bond. All making yoga an appropriate & rewarding experience. These classes are perfect for babies from 8 weeks of age to crawling.

Babies are already natural yogis ~

  • Babies practice yoga postures naturally as part of their development.

  • Babies love unconditionally.

  • Babies prefer to breathe through their nose.

  • Babies are only concerned with the present, the here & now.

  • Babies practice non-violence.

                       (Taken from Helen Garabedian - Author Itsy Bitsy Yoga)

Benefits of Yoga

Yogi Babies​​

  • Sleep better

  • Helps baby's digestion

  • Relaxes both parent & baby

  • Strengthens the body & reflexes

  • Stimulates brain development & the nervous system

  • Improves muscle development & muscle tone

  • Stimulates all the major organs

  • Improves suppleness & flexibility in the joints & spine

  • Improves balance, co-ordination & motor skills

  • Improves circulation

  • Aids respiration

  • Supports bonding, social interaction & trust

  • Improves the immune system

For Caregiver

  • Builds confidence in handling baby

  • Empowers the caregiver

  • Sense of wellbeing

  • Reduces stress.

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Quality one to one time with baby providing a great bonding experience between caregiver & baby

  • Relaxing & fun

  • A lovely way to socialise & meet other new parents

  • Can alleviate the symptoms of Postnatal depression

  • A fun activity for both mums & dads

  • Staying active & socialising can help with PND feelings of isolation & loneliness

  • Sociable

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