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Baby Massage

Why The Little Baby Sanctuary?


Midwifery approved techniques.


Fully Insured to practise & teach baby massage.


Learn baby massage & yoga with a qualified,  professional,

friendly, supportive instructor.


Qualified NNEB, Nursery Nurse


Fully trained in Postnatal Depression Awareness.

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Bottle & breastfeeding friendly & inclusive venues. 


We only use 100% organic cold-pressed sunflower oil on baby's delicate skin.

Pay per family & not per baby. Multiple births welcome.

The Power of Positive Touch

Touch is baby's first language, their first experiences are through touch. The first sense to develop within the womb & continues to develop in the first year & beyond.

Through touch babies learn about the world around them, bond & communicate. Their skin is highly sensitive, particularly cheeks, face, tummy & soles of the feet. The inside of a baby's mouth is also sensitive to touch.

Baby massage is an opportunity to explore the power of touch, giving you one to one time with your little one learning their cues & building a 'forever' bond. Add to this being able to soothe & calm some of those early babyhood ailments, you will be empowered, confident & relaxed.

Throughout our baby-led classes we use gentle rhythmic, midwifery approved strokes to support baby's whole body. Perfect for babies from 6 weeks to crawling. We have fun rhymes & songs to help remember the strokes & to engage with baby. All followed by an opportunity to get to know other new parents.

Benefits of Massage

A soothing, calming massage has benefits to baby & caregiver. Each benefit can be clicked on to see further information.

For Baby

  • Teething

Bonding & attachment
Reduce crying & fussiness
Good for emotional wellbeing

For Caregiver

  • Builds confidence.

  • Empowers the caregiver

  • Quality one to one time with baby building a bond & better communication between caregiver & baby.

  • Release 'happy' hormones

  • Can alleviate the symptoms of Postnatal depression.

  • Provides skills to soothe.

  • Fun & relaxing.

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