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Premature Babies

Studies & research has shown that a gentle touch & massage can have a very positive impact on premature babies.

You need to seek advice from your medical practitioner to check your baby is strong enough for massage.

There is evidence to show that massage can help your baby with:

  • Growth & weight gain.

  • Fight infection & strenghten the immune system.

  • Boost circulation.

  • Improve digestion

  • Help the bowels work more efficiently.

  • Support bonding & attachment.

Premature babies may be sensitive to touch, particularly if they have had many treatments. Massage can help babies to learn that not all touch is associated with pain. It is better to start massaage over clothes & on areas like the hands, feet & legs before moving onto areas like the tummy.

No oil should be used on a premature baby's delicate skin & any massage should be limited to 5~10 minutes.


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