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Why Do Baby Massage?

Touch is baby's first language, their first experiences are through touch. The first sense to develop within the womb & continues to develop in the first year & beyond.

Through touch babies learn about the world around them, bond & communicate. Their skin is highly sensitive, particularly cheeks, face, tummy & soles of the feet. The inside of baby's mouth is also sensitive to touch.

Baby massage is an opportunity to explore the power of touch, giving you one to one time with your little one learning their cues & building a 'forever' bond. Add to this being able to soothe & calm some of those early baby ailments, you will be empowered, confident & relaxed.

Our baby massage uses midwifery approved techniques, enhancing baby's physiological & psychological development through gentle, rhythmic strokes. A regular soothing, calming massage has benefits to both baby & caregiver:

For Baby ~

* Promote better sleep.

* Reflux.

* Colic.

* Constipation.

* Congestion.

* Teething.

* Trapped wind.

* Teething.

* Improve immunity.

* Stimulates the nervous system.

* Boost circulation.

* Improve muscle tone.

* Supports premature babies.

* Reduce crying & fussiness.

* Good for emotional wellbeing.

For Caregiver ~

* Builds confidence.

* Empowers the caregiver.

* Quality one to one time with baby building a better bond & better communication between caregiver & baby.

* Release 'happy' hormones.

* Can alleviate the symptoms of Postnatal Depression.

* Provides skills to soothe.

* Fun & relaxing.

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